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Book Folding

Sculpture is the branch of visual arts that operates in three dimensions. The following book folding sculptures cover the visual components of form, line, shape, space, and texture. I tend to only work with abstract forms and although very time consuming it can be incredibly rewarding. The majority of my sculptures to date are from hard or soft back books from charity shops or given to me for this purpose. They usually comprise of around 460 to 960 pages, and can take up to 40+ hours to fold depending on the complexity of the form. Pages are folded and can be cut, but no paper is discarded. The total number of pages must be divisible by the number of pages used by the repeated pattern. Often a cardboard template is used to speed up the process.

Due to the time it takes to complete a finished sculpture, I first programme the intended form into a 3D Image. This enables me to tweak the design or in a few cases drop it all together, before I start folding. I started creating three years ago and now have my first commission.

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concertina vertebrae eclipse
screw thread resonance edifice